MEMO: Shaping our company culture

As Bingham Group approaches its second year anniversary, we have been thinking about how to shape the company culture for ourselves and future additions. One aspect that A.J. Bingham and I bonded over during my first two months here at Bingham Group is building a collaborative environment.

We jokingly refer to this as our hustler mentality, but this attribute has been essential to how we have been growing to company over the past few months.

We are constantly collaborating on new developments to grow Bingham Group.

Every Monday and Friday, A.J. and I meet to recap the goals and accomplishments of the week, and every circle up meeting has focused on exciting new developments and projects (all of which we are excited to share with y’all soon).

We have to do lists upon to do lists of all for our plans for the firm. And we work around the clock to get these goals accomplished.

A.J. and I strive to do as much as possible for the company, our clients and the community at all times, which has been the source of the dynamic energy we are fostering at the firm. We truly have a passion for being self-starters who are constantly pushing the envelope to achieve greatness. We are hustlers.


AJ Bingham