City of Austin: Denise Lucas Appointed Director of Development Services Department

August 6, 2019 — Today Denise Lucas was appointed as the new Director of the City of Austin’s Services Department (DSD). She had recently served in the role on an interim basis.

DSD is responsible for issuing building permits, handling site plan and land use reviews for proposed development. It is the primary city department that homeowners, business owners, developers and contractors interact with when they build, demolish or remodel in Austin.

The announcement was made by Assistant City Manager Rodney Gonzales. He most recently held the DSD Director role and now has purview over the department.

Wrote Rodney:

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of Denise Lucas as the new Director of the Development Services Department,”

Since 2010, Denise Lucas has served in various roles within the City of Austin. Currently, she serves as the Interim Director, Development Services Department. Prior to this role, Denise has served in multiple roles within the City of Austin to include Deputy Director, Development Services Department, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Application and Business Transformation Services, and Deputy Purchasing Officer.

Click here for the full Development Services Director Appointment announcement (City of Austin PDF).

We wish Ms. Lucas much success in her new role!

//The Bingham Group, LLC

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